Risk Management


     Risk management ensures that you are covered when life takes an unexpected turn. Services we include review and recommendations regarding homeowners, umbrella, medical, life, disability, and long-term care insurance. We also review business and professional liability coverage.


Risk management is the process of:
  1. Identifying risks;

  2. Assessing the probability of the risks occurring;

  3. Assessing the impact if the risks occur;

  4. Protecting against the consequences of loss; and

  5. Minimizing the occurrence of perils.


Risk management services
  • Discuss the types of risk: personal, property, liability

  • Analyze the probability and impact of potential loss

  • Determine the amount, duration, and the risk to be insured

  • Assess life insurance needs: survivors’ needs, estate liquidity, estate value enhancement

  • Assess living benefit insurance needs: disability, critical illness, long-term care

  • Assess health care insurance needs: medical, dental, travel

  • Assess property and casualty insurance needs: home, auto, personal liability

  • Analyze and consider insurance product alternatives